6 Police officers fires shots at suspect 13 times

A man is fighting for his life after being shot at 13 times by six police officers in Hackney, East London 
A total of 13 shots were fired during the incident, the watchdog said, and a non-police issue firearm was recovered at the scene

The man remains in hospital in a critical condition after six officers opened fire.

​‘We have been able to verify that six officers discharged their weapons a total of 13 times during the incident and can confirm that a non-police issue firearm was recovered from the scene.

‘We will be conducting a robust independent investigation to find out the circumstances leading up to the firing of the weapons and the actions of officers immediately afterwards.’

The IOPC said they were contacted by the Met Police at 3.20am on Tuesday morning and that they had also met with the 21-year-old’s parents to explain their role.

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