5 easy steps to stay afloat in water

It’s only through determinations we can succeed in anything. Most people get scared of water

Also If only I knew how to swim I would have saved a friends life. Since that day onward I deceived to learn how to swim. So it’s pertinent we all get enlightened how the basics on how to swim. You can’t run away from water, it’s the foundation of this world. However these few tips will help you out.

1. Get in the water so you’re “standing up.” Hips abduct (legs go out like the same time, almost like a frog kick) then come back together. Arms scull – move in small circles.

2. Get a bit of body fat on you or you sink right to the bottom. Other then that it will be a constant battle for you. Sort of like a built in wetsuit 
how do yall tread water effortlessly? i have an extremely difficult time and seem to just sink…,

3. Palm – we should try to be as loose and released as possible, even in an arched shape, which means we are very loose, especially above the water. When we are tense, and we close the palm above the water – we sink even more, so the looser we are, the easier it will be to float.

4. Depth of the glide – usually competitive swimmers glide very close to the surface of the water, if we are very flexible you should glide about 20 cm, if not we should glide even deeper and deeper in the water because the deeper we stretch the hand, the more our legs float.

5. Use your arms to come up from the bottom. If you’re below water and would like to come up, use your arms to propel yourself. Put them straight up above your head, and quickly bring them down to your sides. This should push you up a few feet. Repeat until you break the surface.

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