9 easy ways to know if your pregnant

Over the years the girl child has been faced with series of teenage unwanted pregnancy which is basically due to inadequate information on when, how to act after sex. 

NB: ​If you’re pregnant, you may notice early symptoms of pregnancy soon after becoming pregnant. However, not all women have these symptoms, and even if you do, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant. If you think you’re pregnant, the best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test or get tested by your doctor.
These following tips will help you.

1. Think about when you last had sex. You must have had vaginal sex to be pregnant. Oral sex doesn’t count in this case. Also, consider whether you practiced safe sex . If you weren’t on a birth control pill and didn’t use another form of contraception (such as a diaphragm or condom), you have a much higher chance of getting pregnant

  • It actually takes about six to ten days after you have sex for the fertilized egg to start the implantation process, which is when you officially become pregnant. That’s also when your body starts releasing hormones. A pregnancy test is most accurate if you wait until you miss a period to take it.
  • 2Notice when you’ve missed your period. A missed period is often one of the first signs that you may be pregnant. If you go past your expected start date by a week or more, that could be an indicator that you’re pregnant. If it’s been more than a month you saw your period last, it could mean you’re pregnant.
    • However, this indicator isn’t foolproof, especially if you have irregular periods.

    • 3.Watch for changes in your breasts. While your breasts will increase in size over the course of your pregnancy, you may also notice changes early on. Hormones fluctuate in your body when you become pregnant, which can cause tenderness and swelling in your breasts. Once you adapt to the hormonal changes, this particular pain may decrease.
    • 4Check if you’re feeling overly tired. Pregnancy can often bring on fatigue. You’re growing a new life inside you, and that’s hard work. However, in early pregnancy, this tiredness is more due to the fact that you have an increase in the hormone progesterone, which can cause drowsiness.
    • 5. Pay attention to stomach problems. “Morning sickness” is a common issue with newly pregnant women. This refers to nausea that tends to happen in the morning, but can occur at any time of the day. Often, this symptom starts about two weeks after conception and eases up after the first trimester. 
      • NOTE: On average, about 70-80% of pregnant women experience morning sickness.
      • You may also experience aversion to strong smells or certain foods, while at the same time, you may start craving other foods.
      • You may have other digestive problems like constipation.
      • Many women claim to develop a heightened sense of smell, and pick up on noxious smells like spoilage, smoke, and body odors more sensitively. This heightened sensitivity may or may not lead to nausea.

      • 6Notice if you’re running to the bathroom more to urinate. One of the early symptoms you may notice is running to the bathroom to urinate more often. This symptom, like many of the symptoms you’ll experience if pregnant, is due to a change in hormones. 
        • Later in the pregnancy, the baby can put pressure on your bladder, which causes you to run to the bathroom. However, early in pregnancy, frequent urination is more likely to be due to hormonal changes.
      • 7. Look for implantation bleeding. Some women have a bit of spotting around when their period should begin. You may notice a bit of blood in your underwear or some brownish discharge. It may continue for a few weeks, but it will likely be lighter than your normal period.
      • 8. Keep an eye out for mood swings. The hormonal changes of pregnancy can affect your moods, causing you to be euphoric one minute and crying the next minute. While not everyone gets mood swings early on, it can happen. If you find you’re crying at the drop of a hat or snapping at your loved ones, that could be an indicator you’re pregnant.

      • 9Watch out for dizziness. Dizziness can happen at any time during pregnancy, including early pregnancy. In early pregnancy, the cause is likely the fact that your body is creating new blood vessels (causing a change in blood pressure). However, it could also be caused by low blood sugar.

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Written By Ubong Eyo

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