Vaping with e-cigarettes does cause cancer

Many have argued and disbelieving that e-cigarettes doesn’t cause cancer. A scientific research just published 1 January 2018 from Moon-shong Tang of New York University.

Vaping, the craze which has become a trademark of hipsters and spawned a wealth of dedicated cafes and viral smoking-trick videos, might not be as harmless as everyone first thought.

New research suggests that vaping with e-cigarettes can still cause cancer, although it’s seemingly nowhere near as harmful as regular smoking.

Moon-shong Tang of New York University ran a study which involved exposing mice to e-cigarette smoke for 12 weeks, using doses that were apparently equivalent to ten years’ light e-cigarette smoking for a human.

This reportedly resulted in DNA damage to the animals’ lungs, bladders and hearts, as well as affecting DNA repair and reducing lung proteins.

The study “propose[s] that [e-cigarette smoke], through damaging DNA and inhibiting DNA repair, might contribute to human lung and bladder cancer as well as to heart disease”, but adds that “further studies are required to substantiate this proposal”.

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