10 Places to visit before leaving Nigeria .

It’s observed that the key reason most people leave their mother land is because of sight-seeing “tourism” over 60 percent of Nigerians on a daily travel out to oversee as tourist. Looking deep you will find out that the exploration to outside countries is most times in their myopic view of Nigeria. You will hear words like Nigeria has no beautiful place to visit, no tourist sites, no water fall, no 5 star hotels, no wonderful meals etc. Forgetting that they haven’t yet been to at list 2 cities and they conclude that Nigeria has nothing. Here are some few places to visit before leaving Nigeria so that you won’t be embarrassed when your asked of your culture and heritage. “like I once heard a question, what is the beat rice in Nigeria and a prominent Nigerian, a Minister of the Federal Republic answered Ghana Jelof Rice”

1. The National Museum

This was the residence and administrative headquarters of the pre-colonial government is one of the only few history museums in Nigeria and hosts some of the most preserved artefacts and documents dating back to pre-colonial period. This will be an interesting place most especially when your into any form of creative arts and design. Lots of inspiration to get from there.

Calabar as a destination that holds the tag of the most appealing destination in Nigeria. There is no competition about this. The

2. Obudu Mountains

Obudu mountains are located close to the Cameroon border in the northeastern part of Cross River State in Obanliku local government area. The accommodation is in the form of chalets and bungalows as well as self-contained suites, lounge and kitchenette to graze it up, it’s the only place snow falls in South South Nigeria.

For for epic movie lovers I present to you circled around the mountains is

3. The Kajuru Castle, Kaduna.

Kajuru Castle is one of Nigeria’s hidden tourist destinations that is a perfect relaxation to forget your worries. It was built in 1978 by a German expatriate. Unique to the castle are its aesthetic designs which make it a very attractive spot. In addition to this, it is surrounded by mountains and lush green ambiance. It is located at about 45 kilometers from Kaduna on the Southern Kachia road don’t be to scared it’s a safe heaven for tourists, also offers are a swimming pool, lodges and dungeons. If you ever felt like acting Game of thrones then there you have it. Sources around says that the castle cost between N240,000 and N350,000 and you can only rent the full castle. So why not shoot your movies there?.

Just before you go to China. Check out our own Great Wall.

4. Ancient Kano City Walls

There are much more to the beautiful medieval city of Kano when you see the impressive ancient Kano walls (listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ tentative list) . This 14km radius earth monument has a spiritual, cultural and historical significance. It is associated with the Emir’s Palace.

This is for Afro music lovers.

5. The New Afrika Shrine

This Is a perfect place to visit When you feel like getting lost in music from the legendary Fela’s family. The New Afrika Shrine is where you should visit. This is the replacement of the original Shrine that was burnt down. A token charge of N500 is collected. Located in Ikeja, Lagos State.

6. Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort.

The love for golf playing newlyweds will have most romantic experience at Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort in Akwa Ibom State. Located in the midst of a flourishing palm forest vegetation, and full of romantic discoveries and adventure, it is a quiet get away for lovebirds on their honeymoon. The chefs serve some of the most delicious meals you can taste in the whole country

7. Olumo rock

This It’s so amazing that we live in a country so blessed with wonderful formations of rocks and we don’t visit. Take a visit and you’ll be left many days pondering over the wonders lavished on the earth that we are living in. Olumo rock is located in Abeokuta town of Ogun state.’ Abeokuta’ is a name which means ‘Under the Rock’. The town itself has a considerable deposit of huge rocky mountains, but the most thrilling of all its that of Olumo.

8. Jos Wildlife Park

We travel to other countries for a view of wild life but here is a man-made wildlife park. Set in an undulating landscape with different species of plant and picnic sites, Jos Wildlife Park hosts several wild life like hippos, buffalos, lions, pigmy horses, birds, crocodiles, pythons and much more. Children’s play ground, picnic pine forest, wildlife museum, video viewing centre and restaurants are some of the attractions of the Park.

9. Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

It’s surprising that we long for recreational parks in Nigeria but we forget a beautiful place located at the heart of Lagos, Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens features children’s play ground, waterfalls, sculpture, green lawns, exotic trees, flowers and palms, ponds and much more. A perfect atmosphere to bond with both nature and your family.

10. Nike Art Gallery

It’s time we also Bragg about this wonderful place to visit with your children, you never know if one might discover his latent talent. Located in Lagos, it has a lot of artworks on display which includes beadwork, painting, drumming, singing and dancing, stone works and carvings, traditional loom weaving, indigo dyeing, embroidery etc. there are many other. but I will limit it to this 10 for now.

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